The Canadian food combining diet is as easy to adopt as it is beautiful to see and delicious to eat. It derives from whole natural plant foods with minimal use of animal products.

As a general principle, when we ate a calorie sufficient diet made up of exclusively fresh fruit and vegetables with a variable addition of whole grain, nuts and legumes, we get an abundant supply of both the quantity and quality of vitamins that the body needs. Fresh sprouted pulses and seaweed offer a supplement of vitamins and trace elements.

Fear not, at the greenhouse (my home) we are tolerant of different body needs and personal tastes. Yes, we enjoy boiled, steamed, stir-fried, baked and roasted foods. Food combining has the ability to detox and speed the digestion process which is essential for me as I need to optimise energy.

I am very allergic to dairy products (eggs, cheese and milk). These must be kept separate from my food.

Rather than you are what you eat, You are what you can assimilate

image of food
This graph shows how foods should be combined.