About Me

Taking Responsibility

Any interruption of peace war, conflict, aggression, manipulation, or desire is a reflection of our inner state. To find peace we experience it directly, not as an intellectual concept. Once we recognise our own peace, we continue to live with it in our awareness and allow it to shape our lives. The result is that we take responsibility for ourselves and for our world.

So my responsibility is to work on myself and to share my understanding of body care, movement and meditation. Here at my home, we have made an effort to create an environment for this work to begin. Our small house is part of a government council estate (a council house is given to the poorest sections of society) and in the unlikely setting of a spectacular area of outstanding natural beauty. The immediate community of 40 houses contains a wide variety of people, behaviours and characters. So the work and practise here is very much within the community and not separate from it.

My personal practise and desire to work consciously within my body was fuelled by Roshi John Garrie. While his student i broke my neck in a vehicle accident. A process of living and dying continued over years and gave me an insight and sense of vocation. Continuing with the Garrie group, my practise of working on myself, and later with others, developed. Standing, sitting, lying, walking, being crushed on the roadside, were experienced directly as opportunities for deepening understanding.

Coming from a fragile place I can find strength in my apparent vulnerability. Let me explain; Severe disability leaves me in the hands of others. A Zen phrase would be, a leaf resting on water. I've taught meditation, I've practised healing, I've been a lover and a friend, but that is not my purpose. Sharing, understanding, living in community, letting the ideas, habits and opinions of those I live with shape me is part of the story.

The foundation is a body care process of food combining, release work and a continuous movement process. Life is the exercise, don't you think? The movement is from form and spontaneity. The way it is choreographed is the practise.

My take on life is to experience it fully and playfully. The practise that underpins this is disciplined and focused. Awareness through dance, music and meditation is the way. I spend time each day developing a sense of my body weather. This sense gains support from daily living tasks; cooking diet, gardening etc..

Living is mistake-friendly and hopefully I am learning along the way. The Zen phrase is Make at least one mistake every day, just make sure itÂ’s not the same one.